Hamilton Pour Homme Eau De Parfum


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A sophisticated youthful fragrance official for all occasions, mixed with‎‎Love and romance, has a luxurious scent that leaves you with a beautiful and fascinating mark everywhere.‎


  • ‎Top notes: ‎‎amber and bergamot.‎
  • ‎Heart notes: patchouli and sandalwood.‎
  • ‎Base notes: White Floral and Tobacco.‎


  • ‎A fragrance that refreshes the atmosphere and sends a feeling of luxury and elegance‎.
  • ‎Consisting of a high-end bottle and an attractive casing suitable for gifting your loved ones‎
  • ‎The wonderful scent of perfume lasts for a long time‎
  • ‎An elegant fragrance for every modern man‎
  • ‎ It can be applied directly to the clothes so it does not cause any marks on it‎
  • ‎A firm aroma and a natural oud scent‎
  • 3.4 fl. oz.


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